Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Trapeze class and conquering my fear.

Sometimes you just have to face you fears head on to conquer them, and that was the case with me and this trapeze class.

I was probably the worst at gymnastics in my class at school, and I especially remember one incidence with the rings that you are suppose to swing yourself around in, and my gym teacher determined not to let me fail, which ended with a queue of kids piling up behind me and a lot of giggling. Don’t really remember being more embarrassed of my lack of athletic skills and my apparently very heavy bum.

So a few years ago when I saw they were putting up the trapeze at a nearby park, I was so excited as I love all things circusy and was really looking forward to be able to watch. I then realised that it was a trapeze school, and my immediate thought was “I wish I would do that”. After a few days of thinking about it, and then started thinking “why can’t I do that?”, and when my brain couldn’t really give me anything but bad excuses, I signed up for a class online.

I was sooo nervous when the day came, and changed my mind a million times before going, but I did go, and I was so happy that I did. I am not saying that I miraculously was able to do what I couldn’t when I was a child, just the opposite and I was still the worst in the class. But after me not even being able to hold on the bar the first 2 attempts, and everyone else being able to from first try, I eventually managed to hang on and realised that like everything in life you don’t get right away, it just requires practise.

So even though I didn’t learned to do any tricks and essentially just swung around in the air that day, I did manage to conquer a childhood trauma and to show myself that you don’t die from things that scare you, just the opposite.

If you are interested in signing up for a trapeze classe, visit the Gorilla Circus webpage
I can highly recommend, as the instructors where the nicest people and so incredibly helpful and encouraging.

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