Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Moving web address.

I have been thinking about making the blog into a .com site for some time now and have finally found some time to get it done, so this blog has now been moved to I am still working on the layout and set up, so hope you will bare with me and the building site of a blog for just a little bit longer.

Thank You 


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Roasted almonds and raisins chocolate treats

I decided to make these little chocolate treats for easter, as I am still trying to make healthier food choices. Now they are not healthy in them selves, but they are maybe just a bit more healthy than most of the chocolate easter treats you find in the supermarkets.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Paper decorated Easter eggs decorations.

Easter decorations since living in London the past 6 years, I thought it was about time to make them again.
They are quite easy to make and are really great if you have made the whole in the eggs a bit to big when blowing them out, as they will be covered with paper anyway.

Monday, 31 March 2014

The end of Eco Friendly March

So my eco friendly March challenge is now over, but hopefully I will carry on with most of my challenges and it has certainly made me think a lot more about things every day.
I don't feel like last week was so successful though, I did end up using the dryer twice and with our current shower, it was impossible to shut off the water in-between shampooing, as it would talk forever to get hot again, wasting the same amount of water. But it has definitely made me more conscious about things, like being conscious about what water appliances we will be installing in the new bathroom, the fact that we probably should have more than one set of beddings, so when washing, it doesn't have to be dry before having to be put back on in the evening.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Natural hair dyes

Working as a hairdresser I developed a little bit of a sensitivity to a lot of products you use when working in a salon, actually a lot of hairdressers do, despite using rubber gloves and having good ventilation. 
One of my biggest problems to date, is hair colouring, which leaves my scalp itchy for a few weeks after and makes me break out in little red and dry bumps in my scalp and on my forehead. Not really something that I feel like I want to inflict on myself if possible, but since I don't really feel like it is time for me to show off the few grey hairs I have now acquired, I have been searching to find a brand that works for me.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Kit

Because I am doing Eco Friendly March, I wanted to try going all organic with skincare again. It has been around 14 years since I used all organic products and back then it was the Dr.Hauschka series. Despite not being that impressed then, I thought things must have changed in the last 14 years, and organic skincare products must have become a lot better since then, so gave them a go again.
I had heard quite a few people talk about The Organic Pharmacy and after looking on their website and seeing a Discovery/Travel kit, I decided to try that one out, as it gave me a chance to try out most of their products all at once.