Friday, 19 June 2009

Parrots in London

 I remembered the first time I saw parrots in our nearby park, I was sure that it was a pet parrot that had escaped, but then I saw more and more of them, and realised that they must be living here. 

So I went home and looked it up on the internet, and sure enough, there are wild parrots (or parakeets) in London.
But I have now read so many different stories about how they came to live here, that I don't know which one to believe. But the thread in all the stories is, that way way back, a large bunch of them escaped from somewhere, and decided that the climate was good enough for them, so they stayed.

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  1. I like that parrot story! How funny… Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It's nice that you found me. I'll keep an eye on yours from now on so see you soon!